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With Courage, and with the support of our donors, Courage California did a lot in 2022!

Just to name a few accomplishments, in 2022 Courage California organized against corruption, turned out voters, elected progressive leaders, and passed progressive policies.

Click the image below or view the PDF to take a closer look:

  • 2022, The Year of Elections: Courage California reached 115,000 voters in the primary election and 226,000 in the general election with our Courage Voter Guide, and half were voters 18-34.
  • Elected progressive leaders: Courage California endorsed 33 candidates and 16 won.
    • And we help Californians hold their elected representatives accountable with our powerful and easy to navigate Courage Score.
  • Passed progressive policies: During the 2022 California Legislative cycle, Courage California lobbied for 27 California bills, 16 of which were passed and signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.
  • Oh… and we launched a podcast. No biggie.

Thank you for making our ongoing work possible with your courageous actions and support.

With Courage, We Can. So we did!