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Since the beginning of the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of small businesses have gone out of business, while Amazon’s profits have soared — and their warehouse presence in our communities has multiplied, bringing low-wage and high-turnover jobs, and pollution.

To bring light to these exploitive practices and demand better from Amazon, Courage California created the #DeliverUsFromAmazon campaign.

We as conscientious consumers can hold Amazon accountable for their practices through the only language they understand: money.

Deliver us from Amazon: Take the Pledge

Help deliver us from Amazon. Individuals can make their voice heard by taking the pledge to shop locally. Send Amazon a message: Stop exploiting Californians and our communities!

Deliver us from Amazon: Join our Campaign

To ensure Amazon receives our message loud and clear, we need to reach as many Californians as possible. Will your organization sign-on in support? Join our effort and help amplify the Deliver Us From Amazon campaign this holiday season.

Deliver us from Amazon: Graphics

Access downloadable graphics here.

Cyber Monday: California Amazon 101

On Cyber Monday, November 29, Courage California was joined by Warehouse Worker Resource Center, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, UFCW 5, Center on Policy Initiatives, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, and impacted Californians and warehouse workers.

Learn the various ways Amazon is hurting and exploiting California’s communities.