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Courage California’s 2023 priority active legislation includes the following bills:

Bill AuthorDescriptionStatus
AB 259LeeWould apply a 1% tax on extreme wealth of $50 million or more per household and 1.5% on wealth in excess of one billion dollars.
ACA 4BryanIf approved by voters, would amend the state constitution to re-enfranchise incarcerated people in California
ACA 5Wiener, LowIf approved by voters, would overturn Prop 8
ACA 8WilsonIf approved by voters, would remove language allowing for indentured servitude in the California state constitution
SB 252GonzalezWould require CalPERS to divest from fossil fuels
AB 83LeeWould prohibit foreign influenced corporations from either contributing to candidates, parties, or committees (including super PACs) or engaging in their own direct election spending in the state.
AB 1306CarrilloWould prevent the transfer of incarcerated individuals who qualify for release under certain criminal justice reforms to ICE
AB 1690KalraSingle payer bill (CNA)
ACA 3LeeIf approved by voters, would amend the California state constitution to raise the limit on personal property tax, as it currently limits the tax rate on personal property to 0.4%.
SB 253WienerWould require corporations with more than $1 billion in revenue that operate in California to publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions.
SB 555WahabWould declare a 10-year goal of creating 1.2 million units of social housing through a mix of acquisition and new production and a 5-year goal of creating 200,000 units of social housing that are affordable to extremely low and very low income households, and would also establish the California Social Housing Fund to do so. Would require the Department of Housing and Community Development, no later than January 1, 2025, to develop, adopt, and submit to the Legislature a California Social Housing Plan for achieving the goals of the bill
ACA 10HaneyIf approved by voters, would add language to the California state constitution recognizing housing as a human right
AB 1McKinnorWould allow California State Legislature staff to unionize
AB 280HoldenWould limit the use of solitary confinement in jails and prisons, including private immigration facilities.
AB 309LeeWould define “social housing” for purposes of the Zenovich-Moscone-Chacon Housing and Home Finance Act. The bill would make findings and declarations relating to social housing and would state the intent of the Legislature to subsequently further the Social Housing Act to address the shortage of affordable homes by developing housing for people of all income levels, prioritizing low-income households
AB 617Jones-SawyerWould ensure all immigrant Californians can access quality, holistic immigration services by removing criminal exclusions in the One CA programHeld
AB 1228HoldenWould make fast food corporations would be liable for any health and safety violations of their California franchisees.
SB 261SternWould require companies that earn more than $500 million in revenue to prepare climate-related financial risk reports
SB 476LimonWould change the state law that currently requires workers to pay for mandatory food safety training, so that employers must pay for the training and the workers’ time for completing the training. Intended to ensure worker wages are not being misdirected towards funding anti-worker lobbying and campaign efforts.
AB 550SchiavoWould require every city and county to hold an annual public hearing to discuss the work they are doing to address homelessness locallyHeld
AB 710SchiavoWould launch a public information campaign to provide women with accurate information regarding access to abortion care at crisis pregnancy centers. Held
SB 567DurazoWould close loopholes that allow for rampant abuse of the no-fault just causes for eviction; expand the population of protected tenants; limit allowable rent increases to a more reasonable cap; and provide mechanisms for accountability and enforcement.
AB 1672HaneyWould allow In-Home Supportive Services caregivers to negotiate their contracts and wages at a State level instead of at the county level.
SB 770 WienerWould require the Health and Human Services Agency to convene a working group to define the parameters of the federal waiver California seeks to facilitate the creation
of a single payer healthcare system and would require the Secretary of HHS to submit recommendations regarding elements to include in a formal waiver application by no later than June 1, 2024.
AB 421BryanWould establish new government oversight of signature collection, require more transparency about the groups funding signature collection, and mandate that a percentage of signatures be collected by volunteers rather than paid signature gatherers.