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What is Progressive?

Irene Kao interviews Executive Director of Communities for a New California Pablo Rodriguez, and Los Angeles Supervisor Holly Mitchell in this episode to learn more about the word progressive and the progressive movement. We unpack how the terminology translates across diverse parts of California, and how Holly and Pablo are working towards progressive goals in their respective communities.

Shot of Courage 

  • Do you have an election coming up in your district? Visit to find out when your next election is and learn who the candidates are.
  • Courage has endorsed :
    • Tina McKinnor for AD62, which includes part of Los Angeles County – the election happens on April 5th.
    • David Campos for AD17, which includes part of San Francisco County – this election will happen on April 19 
  • Courage California is supporting the below 2022 bills: 
    • AB 1819, authored by Lee –  aka, The Stop Foreign Influence in California Elections Act would bar foreign-influenced, US-based corporations from contributing to candidates, parties, or committees – and protect the integrity of California’s government.
    • AB 2419, authored by Bryan – is known as California Justice40 Act – and would invest at least 40 percent of federal climate and infrastructure funding to communities that have been historically neglected by discriminatory policies — such as low-income, Indigenous, and rural communities and communities of color. 
  • Our 7th Annual Courage Score was released on Feb. 28 – visit to find out who your State Assemblymember and Senator are, see their scores and voting history–  and discover who to hold accountable and who to celebrate as champions.

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