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Boycott Walgreens!


Walgreens has announced it will no longer dispense abortion medication in 24 states, even where it’s legal.

Walgreens is saying that its “hands are tied” in its decision to not distribute the abortion pill in the more than 20 states that threatened them with legal action.

It’s just not true. 

Legal experts agree that the pharmacy chain is being needlessly restrictive in order to pander to right-wing politicians, and women will be unable to access legal medication as a result.

Walgreens cannot be allowed to restrict the right to safe and legal abortion, which is why Courage California is joining the call to boycott the pharmacy chain in all 50 states until it reverses the decision.

SIGN THE PETITION to tell Walgreens: We will not shop or fill prescriptions in any of your stores until you reverse your abortion medication decision.

More than 16,000 Courage California members have pledged to boycott Walgreens until the corporation reverses its decision. You can help grow that number.

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