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VICTORY: Major Gun Violence Prevention Legislation Passes; Awaits Governor Brown’s Signature

Thursday, 12 September 2013

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VICTORY: Major Gun Violence Prevention Legislation Passes; Awaits Governor Brown’s Signature, Leading Group Pushing For the Legislative Package, Applauds Todays’ Vote; Demands Governor Sign Lifesaving Legislation

Today, awaiting the final passage of SB 374 and 755, the California Assembly and Senate will have now each endorsed the major gun violence prevention package known as the “LIFE Act” (Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement) Act. has been leading the effort for passage of the LIFE Act, and released the following statement:

“We applaud the legislature for passing the lifesaving gun violence prevention package known as the LIFE Act. We urge Governor Brown to immediately sign the legislation and show the country once again that California can be a leader in gun violence prevention. We have seen too many innocent victims of gun violence here in California, 15,010 in only the last few years according to The LIFE Lantern ( — Courage’s website charting gun deaths in every Assembly district and the position of that district’s representative. Science and history show these bills will save lives. It is time for Gov. Brown to stand up to the NRA and say enough is enough, the health and safety of millions of Californians are more important than placating a noisy minority that would put access to military-style weaponry over the lives of children.”

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