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TMRW: Funeral Marches & Rallies in SF and LA Mark the 5th Anniversary of Citizens United

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Brett Abrams : 516-841-1105 :

WEDNESDAY: Funeral Marches in SF and LA Mark the 5th Anniversary of Citizens United Supreme Court Decision

Activists Hold “Mourning in America” Marches in SF and LA Protesting the Decision’s Impact on Democracy in America

CALIFORNIA — To mark the 5th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s deeply misguided Citizens United decision, Courage Campaign — in partnership with more than a dozen other organizations — will hold “Mourning in America” funeral marches in San Francisco and Los Angeles to mourn the “loss of democracy in America.”

WHO/WHAT: Activists from Courage Campaign, Common Cause, Money Out Voters In, 99Rise, Move to Amend, CA Clean Money Campaign, joined by concerned Californians.  Speakers include, Mike Bonin, LA City Councilman District 11; Marianne Williamson, author and speaker; Sandra Fluke, attorney and women’s rights activists, Tim Molina, Courage Campaign; Michele Sutter, MOVI; Kathay Feng, Common Cause; Sharon Kyle, LA Progressive.
WHERE/WHEN:  Wednesday, January 21st.  Activists will meet 4:00pm PT at the Los Angeles City Hall Triforium (200 N. Main St.) and march to the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce (350 S. Bixel St.) at 4:30pm PT, where they will continue with speeches, a letter-writing campaign, and a teach-in inside the Chamber.

WHO/WHAT: Activists from Courage Campaign, Common Cause, Money Out People In, 99Rise, Move to Amend, CA Clean Money Campaign, joined by concerned Californians.  Speakers include Khafre Jay, hip-hop artist; Gayle McLaughlin, former Richmond Mayor; Tom Ammiano, former SF supervisor and Assemblyperson;  Bill McKibben, co-founder; Andres Soto, KPFA talk show host; Michael Eisenscher, Labor and the Environment.
WHERE/WHEN: Wednesday, January 21st.  Activists will meet at 3:30pm PT at the Montgomery BART Station for a brief call-to-action from Khafre Jay.  Activists will march with effigies of the five Supreme Court justices who decided in favor of Citizens United and will end at 4:30pm PT at with a revival style rally.

The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC allowed for corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections.  As part of the protests, activists are kicking off a new effort to put Prop 49 back on the ballot in 2016 — giving California voters a right to weigh in on a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United.


“Money is not speech, and corporations are not people. This is obvious to anyone not on the payroll of an enormous corporate outfit,” explained Eddie Kurtz, executive director of the California-based Courage Campaign.  “With our democracy drowning in the dollars of megacorporations, it’s clear that it will take an extraordinary citizens movement to amend the Constitution and put an end to the madness brought on by Citizens United. We demand that Prop 49 be put back on the ballot in 2016. California voters deserve the right to formally weigh in on the most vital political issue of our time.”

“The fifth anniversary of the Supreme Court’s infamous Citizens United vs. FEC ruling is a chilling reminder that our country’s democracy is currently at risk,” said Marianne Williamson. “This ruling has diluted the power of the people and fueled the corporatization of our democracy. Until Citizen United is overturned, the assault will continue against our most precious core principle: that we are a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. To guarantee the repair of our frayed democracy, we must keep our voices loud, our convictions strong, and our forces organized to establish the public financing of our political campaigns as well as a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United.”

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