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WATCH: Statewide Policy Approaches to Sustaining and Strengthening Local and Ethnic Media

California media policy

On April 6th, Californians tuned-in to a public panel discussion to learn from advocates and experts about the state of California media policy and the priorities, strategies, and statewide models that could help rebuild and sustain a robust news information ecosystem in the state.

California has lost a quarter of its newspapers and half its newsroom staff in the last 15 years, with news deserts emerging around the state. The loss of local and ethnic media outlets has left a void—a void that has quickly filled with online disinformation targeting and exploiting California’s communities.

Without accurate, independent news and information at the local level, communities cannot hold local governments accountable and our democracy cannot thrive.

Watch to learn more:


  • Yosef Getachew, Common Cause
  • Julian Do, Ethnic Media Services
  • Mike Rispoli, Free Press
  • Rashad Mahmood, New Mexico Local News Fund
  • Nadine Farid Johnson, PEN America 

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