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SUNDAY: Group Delivers Petition to Carl DeMaio¹s Campaign HQ Demanding Apology for Sexist Emails

Sunday, 02 November 2014

Brett Abrams : 516-841-1105 :

SUNDAY: Group Delivers 5,000 Signatures to Carl DeMaio’s Campaign Headquarters Demanding Public Apology for Sexist Emails

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — On Sunday, November 2nd, activists from the Courage Campaign SuperPAC will deliver more than 5,000 signatures to Republican congressional candidate Carl DeMaio’s campaign office demanding a public apology over leaked emails that revealed misogynistic comments about the Deputy Campaign Manager of his opponent, Scott Peters.

WHAT: Petition Delivery to San Diego Congressional Candidate Carl DeMaio’s Campaign Headquarters
WHERE: 9625 Black Mountain Road, Suite 205 San Diego CA 92126
WHEN: Sunday, November 2nd.  2:30pm PT


“I am offended and disgusted,” said Sandy Naranjo, a community resident. “The misogynistic email by Carl DeMaio provides a revealing look behind the curtain of how he really feels about women. To think that the man responsible for this immature, offensive, and pathetic move believes he is capable of holding federal office is shameful and terrifying! If DeMaio thinks this kind of tasteless email is funny, what else does he secretly think or do behind closed doors when the public isn’t watching? We do not need another sexist and out-of-touch member of the ‘Good Old Boy’s Club’ in Congress — especially one that represents San Diego.”

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Angela Chavez