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Tell Starbucks Interim CEO: Stop Union Busting

Starbucks workers around the country are leading a historic campaign to unionize their stores. Over 100 stores have announced they are forming a union. Despite waging a multi-million dollar anti-union campaign, the majority of stores where elections have been held voted yes for their union. Now, Kevin Johnson has stepped down as CEO, and former CEO Howard Schultz has re-taken the reins. Schultz has a long and successful history of union-busting at Starbucks.

The petition to Starbucks Interim CEO Howard Schultz reads:

“As you retake the helm of Starbucks, partners at over 100 stores around the country have announced their desire to form a union. They care about the company and each other and want to finally have a real voice at Starbucks. We urge you to renounce both the past and present corporate strategy of union-busting and commit to neutrality and the Fair Election Principles.”