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Jennifer Job, Ph.D.

Jennifer Job, Ph.D. is a former teacher and teacher educator with a focus in qualitative research and curriculum design. She began her career in public advocacy in 2012 working for … Continued

Irene Kao

Irene joined Courage California, in 2020, as the first woman of color to lead the organization. She brings more than twenty years of experience working with and advocating for low-income … Continued

Lindsay West

Prior to joining Courage California, Lindsay worked in integrated marketing and events in the entertainment industry. Lindsay’s activism started with harm reduction programs in high school. He earned a BA … Continued

Angela Chavez

Angela Chavez is the former External Affairs and Media Relations Communications Specialist at California Complete Count Census 2020, appointed under Gov. Brown, where she led the development and coordination of … Continued

Isidra Chávez

Isidra received a B.A in Media Arts option in production with a minor in broadcasting from California State University, Chico. Passionate about using media as a tool for change, Isidra worked as a … Continued

Scottie Thomaston

Scottie Thomaston, an activist and writer based in south Alabama, is the Editor and a contributing writer for Courage Campaign Institute’s As Editor he has attended court hearings and … Continued