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Political Polling: Who Produces Knowledge Matters

Jay Chotirmal interviews Data for Social Good’s Jose Bedolla and Lisa Garcia Bedolla to learn about the ins and outs of political polling and pollsters, the people behind the polls. As most Americans have experienced, polls aren’t always reliable – but it turns out, even inaccurate polls can provide us with important information. Who funds, conducts, and is surveyed for polls can be just as informative. 

Inclusivity matters when working to pass policies and elect leaders who truly represent all of us. 

Shot of Courage: 

All registered voters in California will receive a vote-by-mail ballot for the Primary Election, starting May 9, 2022! In today’s shot of courage, Courage California’s Executive Director, Irene Kao and Angela Chavez discuss the “election fatigue” California voters are feeling – and the importance of getting your votes in (yes, again) by June 7. Public safety is on the ballot, and our communities are relying on each and every one of us to make our voices heard. 

Production: Angela Chavez

Editorial: Irene Kao and Angela Chavez

Graphics: Isidra Chávez

With support from: Jay Chotirmal, LisaMarie Betancourt

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With You, fashioned in Courage, we can create a California that represents and serves us all.

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