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A Courage California Podcast: Coming April 4, 2022

You’re invited to join us on April 4 for the launch of “Courage — It Looks Good On You!”

Courage California is fighting for a California that works for all of us – by providing the information and resources Californians need to hold their elected officials accountable. 

Courage — It Looks Good On You! will help keep Californians informed about the issues – and help you discover the different ways to courageously participate in the democratic process and ensure your voices are heard. 

This season we’ll discuss issues that are important to our communities, such as: 

  • Voting Rights
  • Corporate money in politics
  • Climate change and environmental justice, and…  
  • Community safety and criminal justice reform

And we’ll have insightful conversations with advocates and leaders at all-levels, throughout the state to learn: 

  • What is the difference between a democrat, mod-dem, and a progressive? 
  • How can we stop the misinformation and disinformation campaigns targeting communities of color? 
  • What are the different ways we can hold our elected officials and institutions accountable? 

In our first episode, we’ll dive into the word “progressive,” featuring Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly Mitchell and Executive Director of Communities for a New California Pablo Rodriguez.
With You, fashioned in Courage, We can create a California that represents and serves us all. 

Production: Angela Chavez
Editorial: Irene Kao and Angela Chavez
Graphics: Isidra Chávez 

With You, fashioned in Courage, we can create a California that represents and serves us all.

Connect with us: @CourageCA #CourageLooksGoodOnYou