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Newsom Camp Officially on Defense

Gov Newsom Recall

Via Lara Korte | Sacramento Bee: Capitol Alert

Following Gavin Newsom’s state of the state address, in which he tried to make the case for why he is still the best leader for California, members of the API community Wednesday morning praised the Democratic leader, and reiterated his message that a recall was a “partisan power grab.”

For over an hour, state lawmakers, members of Congress, and community leaders defended Newsom’s choices around the pandemic, and said a recall at this moment in time would be an expensive distraction from California’s recovery.

“I certainly support Gavin Newsom, not because he’s done everything perfectly, and I don’t think anyone can, but he’s someone who has … consistently demonstrated his values are in the right place,” said State Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento. “The last thing we need here in the state of California is to go and recall our governor as he is working with all of us to stop this pandemic and in getting our economy going again.”

The press conference aimed to paint the recall as a partisan effort led by far-right Republicans. Organizers, for the record, say they have bipartisan support.

State Controller Betty Yee, who was also in attendance, said she understands that in times of frustration, people look for scapegoats, but Newsom was forced to make tough decisions to save Californians at a time when there was little guidance from federal leaders.

“I don’t think it’s frankly any surprise that anybody whose livelihoods have been on the line or have been lost are going to look for an outlet to express their frustration and anger,” Yee said. “Republicans: we invite you to be a part of the solution. Help us. Help us in your districts. Help us in your communities. Help us scale up. Help us get this information out there and really have our recovery happen sooner rather than later.”

Also joining the anti-recall campaign this week is progressive grassroots organization Courage California, which announced Wednesday it was teaming up with the National Union of Healthcare Workers to organize voters against the recall.

The NUHW has already formed a committee opposing the recall, and launched a series of digital advertisements last month asking Californians to pledge to defeat the recall by signing a petition.