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New Petition Asks Wal-Mart to Stop Water Bottling Operations in California During Drought Conditions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, 12 May 2015
CONTACT: Brett Abrams : 516-841-1105 :

New Petition Asks Wal-Mart to Stop Water Bottling Operations in California During Drought Conditions

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — After KOVR-TV (CBS) broke the news that Wal-Mart’s bottled water was tapped from Sacramento’s municipal water supply, members of the California-based Courage Campaign are calling on the retail giant to immediately stop their bottling operations in the state as drought conditions persist and worsen. The petition has been signed by more than 11,000 people since going live less than 24 hours ago.


The petition also comes as Starbucks announced that it will stop the bottling of it’s own Ethos Water in Placer County. 

In one of the more outrageous elements of the report, KOVR reported that Wal-Mart bottles water from the Sacramento Municipal Water Supply at 99 cents for every 748 gallons and then turns around and sells the bottled water for $.88 per gallon in California and around the world, meaning Wal-Mart makes more than $650 for every $1 of water they buy of California’s dwindling water supply.


“While California is facing one of the most severe droughts in history and people all over the state are doing their part to conserve water, it is outrageous that Wal-Mart would continue to take this precious resource at way below cost and sell it back to Californians and consumers across the country for a profit,” explained Tim Molina, Los Angeles resident and strategic campaign organizer for the California-based Courage Campaign.  “Everyone in California is doing their part to protect our water supply, and Wal-Mart needs to follow Starbucks’ example and stop bottling the little water California has left.”

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Angela Chavez