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LAUNCHING TODAY: Bay Bridge Billboard Calls on Sen. Feinstein to Vote “Yes” on the Green New Deal

SAN FRANCISCO — Starting today, the California-based Courage Campaign has commissioned a new billboard on the Bay Bridge urging Senator Dianne Feinstein to vote for the Green New Deal. The billboard, which will read, “Senator Feinstein: Protect Our Communities. Support the Green New Deal,” is up starting today, March 6, and will run through early next week.

The billboard effort comes after Senator Feinstein found herself in a conversation with a group of schoolchildren last month, where she explained her opposition to the Green New Deal, which is the only current proposal that would prevent catastrophic climate change and protect human civilization as we know it. Mitch McConnell could bring the Green New Deal to a vote within weeks


LOCATION DETAILS: Bay Bridge & Toll Plaza F/W

The billboard will go up as a direct result of donations made by Californians who stand with Courage Campaign on its call for Sen. Feinstein to stand against Republicans and fossil fuel industry-friendly Democrats, and vote “yes” on the Green New Deal. 

“Politicians in Washington, D.C. have done far too little for far too long to address the climate crisis, and the Green New Deal finally presents a real plan to act quickly and boldly enough to avoid climate change’s most catastrophic effects,” said Eddie Kurtz, Executive Director of Courage Campaign. “The latest scientific research makes it clear that we are already experiencing dire effects of global warming—effects that Californians can personally attest to with a dramatic increase in wildfires across the state. If we don’t take decisive action at the speed and scale needed to avert catastrophic climate change in the next decade, the earth will warm to crisis levels by 2030, and we will see the end of human civilization as we know it in our lifetimes. 

“To solve the climate crisis, it’s critical that Democratic senators support the Green New Deal. Representing California, Sen. Feinstein should be leading the way. Courage Campaign is organizing grassroots support to let her know that we have her back if she does. And with this billboard, we’re also turning up the heat.”

Last week, Courage Campaign launched a petition calling on Sen. Feinstein to support the Green New Deal. 


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