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#BlackOutBezos KPFA Interview: Tens of Thousands Boycott Amazon

Courage California’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday #BlackOutBezos​ campaign resulted in tens of thousands of Californians pledging to boycott Amazon on two key shopping days during the 2020 holiday season.

Listen to Courage’s #BlackOutBezos​ interview on KPFA

Originally aired on KPFA November 27, 2020.

Californians will no longer standby and tolerate:

  • Amazon stealing product ideas in order to put third-party merchants out of business.
  • Allowing 20,000+ of its warehouse workers to contract COVID-19 due to its practices. (A Cal/OSHA complaint says that Amazon is failing to provide the training necessary for avoiding coronavirus infection.)
  • The cover-up of workplace injuries of their employee, who are twice as likely to be injured than in other similar jobs.
  • Spying on, intimidating, and firing employees who attempt to unionize and fight for safer and just working conditions. Californians will no longer contribute to Jeff Bezos’ profits — which have been made by exploiting workers and stealing intellectual property.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has amassed a level of wealth never before seen in America, now at $200 billion, while some of his full-time employees are left to seek government assistance to cover the costs of basic necessities. And his earnings have only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic — Amazon even doubled its bottom line from the same quarter a year ago. With Courage, We Can hold Jeff Bezos accountable.