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Tell the Senate to act on gun legislation

Enough gun violence

Here we are again.

As victims from Buffalo, NY, and Laguna Woods, CA, are still being mourned, the death toll from gun violence in the United States has risen yet again. This time, in Uvalde, Texas.

Our hearts continue to hold an all too familiar depth of sadness and rage. And yet the Senate continues to refuse to challenge the NRA and pass meaningful legislation to prevent gun violence, despite the fact that 90% of Americans want stricter laws.

The Senate must take action on gun safety now. The House of Representatives passed two bills expanding background checks in 2021, but the Senate has failed to garner the 60 votes needed to do the same.

We cannot let this stand any longer.

It’s time for our senators to act for our safety: Tell the Senate to pass gun safety bills now!

More than 90% of Americans want gun safety legislation.