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Dr. Paul Song Reacts to the Defeat of Prop 45, Passage of Prop 47 in CA

Wednesday, 05 November 2014

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Courage Campaign Reacts to Results in CA Ballot Initiatives

Statement from Dr. Paul Song, executive chairman of the California-based Courage Campaign, on the results of California ballot initiatives:

On the defeat of Proposition 45, a measure that would give California the authority to regulate insurance rate increases in the health insurance industry:

“For most Californians, health insurance rates have increased by more than 153% in the last 10 years – significantly outpacing the rate of inflation – and with voters defeating Proposition 45 at the polls, we can be sure that rates will only increase in the years ahead.  This is yet another example of how the toxic effect of money in politics, as major health insurers swamped voters through lies and deceptive ads. In the months ahead, it is up to California voters to pay attention to their health insurance premiums and evaluate whether not they were right to trust the insurance industry lobby. I also call out the newspaper editorial boards throughout the state who fell for the same nonsense and failed to do their due diligence in opposing Prop 45.”

On the passage of Proposition 47, a measure that would reduce prison sentences for nonviolent offenders, including drug offenders:

“California’s prisons are broken, unconstitutionally overcrowded, and disproportionately filled by people of color serving sentences for nonviolent drug possession.   Solutions like Proposition 47, with its overhauling of sentencing for nonviolent crimes – is a major step towards a smarter, more humane, and cost-effective justice system in California.”

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