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Creating and editing Take Action items

  1. In the black admin bar at the top of your page, go to Content–>Add Content–>Take Action.
  2. Add a title and body. Both of these things will show up in the feed on the Take Action page.
  3. Add an image for the action under “Image” using the “Browse” button.
  4. Add the ActionKit link (field labeled AK link) to the action you wish to share.
  5. Select the category(ies). The action will automatically show up on the Take Action page and on whichever of the 3 category pages (Human Rights, Economic Justice, Accountability) you choose.
    • Note that the old categories from the old site are visible. This was done to allow easy sorting of archival content. You do not need to use the categories.
  6. Select “Publish” to publish the action. Select “Save as draft” to save it without publishing.

You can find and edit Take Action content by:

  1. In the black admin bar at the top of your page, select Content.
  2. Select “Take Action” from the “Type” box. Make sure all other boxes are cleared. If you are looking for a specific action, you can also type part of the title in the “Title” box.
  3. Select “Apply”.
  4. Look for the item you wish to edit and select “Edit” under the “Operations” column (far right).
  5. Make your desired edits and select “Save” when you are finished.