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Courage Campaign Slams the Senate’s Failure to Pass the Military Justice Improvement Act

Thursday, 06 March 2014

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Courage Campaign Slams the Senate’s Failure to Pass the Military Justice Improvement Act

Statement by Dr. Paul Song, executive chairman of the California-based, on today’s vote on the Senate’s failure to pass the Military Justice Improvement Act, by a vote of 55-45.

“On the very day that the Army’s top prosecutor of sexual assault cases was suspended due to allegations of sexual assault, the Senate failed to enact real protections for survivors of sexual assault in the military. In a shameful move, a minority of Senators bowed to the wishes of military brass, who are most interested in preserving their own power, over justice for the nearly 26,000 soldiers who were sexually assaulted while serving their country in last year alone. Voters will not forget the cowardice of key Senators and their failure to protect our country’s fighting men and women.  Once again, we are also reminded of the utterly broken filibuster rules in the Senate.

It takes tremendous courage to stand up to the military’s top brass, too often the same people who are guilty of committing such violence crimes in the first place. We applaud the efforts of Sen. Gillibrand, and the tireless efforts of activists and survivors around the country who pushed for this measure.  We will continue to fight until all our soldiers are safe from sexual assault and have access to the same justice they so honorably defend each day.”

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