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Courage Campaign Slams Gov. Brown’s Revised Budget, Outrage Over $500 Million More for Incarceration

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Brett Abrams : 516-841-1105 :

Courage Campaign Slams Gov. Brown’s Revised Budget for 2014, Outrage As Gov. Brown’s Budget Allots $500 Million for Incarceration

Statement by Dr. Paul Song, executive chairman of the California-based on Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed revised budget for 2014:

“Much to our dismay, Governor Brown’s revised 2014 budget still refuses to acknowledge that 9 million Californians (25%) currently live in poverty, the highest poverty rate in the nation. California already has a rainy day fund, and it’s called the Health and Human Services Budget.

“Reducing poverty, providing opportunity and support for struggling families, and fostering education are the only real ways to grow a robust economy that can survive the next economic storm. The governor emphasized improvements in healthcare for the poor, which is certainly important, but you can’t eat healthcare. Healthcare doesn’t pay the rent.

“Moreover, instead of funding HHS programs that would grow the economy, the Governor has chosen to throw another $500 million down what he himself has called the “rat hole” of incarceration, while funding for key prison rehabilitation programs has inexplicably been cut in half compared to the governor’s initial proposal in January.

“Courage Campaign and our 900,000 members dearly hope the Legislature will push back on the Governor and convince him to re-invest in our communities still devastated by a decade of disinvestment.”

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