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Courage Campaign Releases 2018 One-of-a-Kind Progressive Voter Guide for State Ballot Measures

CALIFORNIA — The California-based Courage Campaign has released its 2018 Progressive Voter Guide detailing recommendations for how progressives in the State should vote on 11 statewide ballot measures on the November ballot. 

Courage Campaign’s 2018 Progressive Voter Guide is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive guide that compiles the endorsements of California’s most trusted progressive groups and organizations, including the ACLU, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), California Calls, the California Democratic Party, the California Labor Federation, PICO CA Action, Sierra Club, and SEIU CA. 


In the 2018 Progressive Voter Guide, Courage Campaign offers specific recommendations including:

  • Voting Yes on a $4 billion dollar bond to build and renovate affordable housing (Prop 1)
  • Voting Yes on a$2 billion bond to build and renovate housing for homeless Californians (Prop 2)
  • Voting Yes on a $1.5 billion bond to build, expand, and improve children’s hospitals (Prop 4)
  • Voting No on a proposal that would redirects school funding to tax breaks for property owners over 55 (Prop 5)
  • Voting No on eliminating $5 billion in funding for transportation, and prohibiting taxes on gas and vehicles (Prop 6)
  • Voting Yes on stopping dialysis clinics from overcharging patients or refusing to treat people based on how they pay (Prop 8)
  • Voting Yes on allowing cities and counties to pass more rent control laws to address our housing crisis (Prop 10)
  • Voting No on eliminating labor laws that give EMTs meal and rest breaks (Prop 11)
  • Voting Yes on banning the sale of eggs and meat from animals confined in small cages (Prop 12) 

“California’s 11 ballot propositions are a range of both opportunities and threats to the people of California. It’s critical that we advance three measures that will begin to address our affordable housing crisis, while rejecting the GOP’s short-sighted attempt to turn out their voters by rolling back desperately needed improvements to our transportation infrastructure,” said Eddie Kurtz, Executive Director of Courage Campaign. “Every Californian’s’ voice must count, which is why we’ve created user-friendly, streamlined resources to help them make their decisions and cut through the nonsense.”

“Our focus is on keeping California a place where voters can reap the benefits of a direct democracy. That’s why Courage Campaign is promoting the progressive voter guide to millions of Californians statewide,” Kurtz added.

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Angela Chavez