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Courage Campaign Reacts As Gov. Brown (D-CA) Signs Landmark Gun Restraining Order Bill & Vetoes Restrictions on the Use of Drones

Wednesday, 01 October 2014

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Courage Campaign Reacts As Gov. Brown (D-CA) Signs Landmark Gun Restraining Order Bill & Vetoes Restrictions on the Use of Drones

Statement from Dr. Paul Song, Executive Chairman of the California-based Courage Campaign … on Governor Brown’s signing of AB 1014, a landmark gun law that allows families to file gun restraining orders:

“This landmark legislation was written in direct response to the tragic mass shooting near UC Santa Barbara earlier this year. One of the most disturbing things about that deadly shooting rampage is that it could have been prevented if a law like this was in effect at the time. The shooter’s own mother voiced concern about her son’s mental stability to police just weeks before the shooting, but she had no authority to take legal action. 

We applaud Governor Brown’s signature on AB 1014, legislation that specifically addresses oversights like these by creating a gun violence restraining order that allows those closest to a troubled individual — including friends, family, and intimate partners — to act when there are warning signs that a person is at risk for violence. This is a smart step forward in the fight to reduce gun violence and create a safer, more supportive California.”

… on Governor Brown’s veto of AB 1327, legislation that would restrict the use of warrantless drone surveillance by California police:

“At the same time, we are baffled by Governor Brown’s decision not to require law enforcement to obtain a warrant before spying on Californians with drones. As technology rapidly changes our world, we cannot leave our values behind. AB 1327 would have simply extended fourth amendment protections to this evolving technology. We wish we could trust law enforcement to use these tools appropriately without abusing them, but history has proven we cannot.”

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