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Courage Campaign Praises Gov. Brown’s Expanded Investment in Education, Urges Full Restoration of HHS Budget

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, 14 May 2015
CONTACT: Brett Abrams : 516-841-1105 :

Courage Campaign Praises Gov. Brown’s Expanded Investment in Education, Urges Full Restoration of HHS Budget

Dr. Paul Song, executive chairman of the California-based Courage Campaign issued the following statement in reaction to Governor Jerry Brown’s revised budget for 2015:

“Over his tenure, Jerry Brown has done a courageous job in returning California’s budget to financial stability and fiscal sanity, and for this the Governor deserves much praise. We are excited to see that the budget continues that trend by making investments in our schools and in our State’s most economically vulnerable, like with the proposed earned income tax credit.  

Governor Brown’s proposed expanded budget for our schools is a critical investment that our State’s crumbling education infrastructure desperately needs and a freeze on UC tuition would provide some relief for students struggling with rising loan debt.

But for the nine million Californians still struggling to make ends meet – we need Governor Brown to make even bolder investments in California, like restoring the devastating cuts to the Health and Human Services budget and funding programs that welcome immigrants out of the shadows – not sequestering even more money into the State’s rainy day fund.  California needs a budget that works for all Californians, and Governor Brown’s revised budget is a step in the right direction. There is still more to do, and Courage Campaign’s one million members will continue to push Governor Brown to get it done.”

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