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Courage Campaign on Gov. Brown’s Proposed Budget for 2013

Thursday, 10 January 2012

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Statement by Rick Jacobs, founder and chair of Courage Campaign, on Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed budget for 2013:

“Today the Governor released a budget that just last year would not have seemed possible. Instead of massive cuts in education, the Governor has proposed investing in education at nearly every level. This is only possible because of the work of progressives throughout the state that helped Prop 30 pass in November. Now, with a super majority in the legislature, and the voters behind him, the Governor must follow through on these promises. We, and voters throughout the state, will be watching. We still need a permanent fix to the revenue question and massive investment in infrastructure, transportation, health care and environmental protections, but let’s pause and celebrate because this is a good day. The passage of Prop 30, and this budget, are models for other states and the federal government. When the wealthiest among us are asked to pay their fair share we all prosper.”

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Angela Chavez