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Congress must step in to protect our livelihoods and pass antitrust

The U.S. now has five companies worth more than $1 trillion each: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft.(1)

A trillion dollars. That’s more than the GDP of all but 15 countries in the world.(2)

As a result of allowing these mega-corporations to balloon to where they have no competition, Amazon now employs more than 1.3 million people and spends millions of dollars busting unions.(3) Facebook is selling our information to the highest bidder and purposely spreading misogyny and hate for profit.(4) Google is keeping users from seeing smaller news outlets by prioritizing who pays them the most.(5)

Congress is considering several antitrust bills to stop Big Tech corporations from harming its users and stomping on competition. Courage California has joined a coalition fighting to Break Up Big Tech, and this week, we’re pushing as many calls as possible to Congress, demanding that it rein in mega tech corporations.

California has a big role to play in the upcoming vote on the antitrust legislation. Amazon has more than 153,000 workers in California alone, more than any other state. Facebook is housed in California, and Silicon Valley can fight back. Our California representatives need to hear that we want them to champion antitrust legislation to stop these unfair corporation practices. We are the workers and consumers who these mega-corporations are built on, and we need our elected leaders to stand up for us and demand Congress pass the antitrust bills.

Here’s what the antitrust legislation would do:

  • Provide for breaking up platforms like Amazon and Facebook, which create conflicts of interest and unfair advantages
  • Prevent acquisitions and mergers that are actually hostile takeovers of competitors
  • Provide much needed funding for antitrust enforcement agencies
  • Allow users to take their data with them if they leave a platform

Congress must step in to protect our livelihoods and our communities.

Call your representative today and ask that the antitrust legislation package be passed immediately!