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Latina Voters Have the Power to Shape California’s Electoral and Legislative Future

For our Season 2 finale of Courage — It Looks Good on You!, we’re looking ahead to 2024! Specifically the 2024 primary election, taking place in California in March, and how one of California’s most important voting-blocks, Latinas, can shape the future.

According to a UCLA study, “turnout gaps between Latinos—one of the fastest-growing demographic groups— will lead to election results that are increasingly unrepresentative of the wishes of many voters… [however] research has shown that having sustained and direct face-to-face voter engagement with Latino voters is imperative to get them to the polls.” 

Senior Policy Adviser for Communities for a New California Action Fund (CNC Action Fund), Melissa Vargas, joins Angela Chavez, communications director at Courage California, to discuss the different ways CNC is engaging Latino communities in the Central Valley and why tapping into the power of Latina leadership is, and will continue to be, critical in our state’s elections and progress. 

With You, fashioned in Courage, We Can create a California that represents and serves us all.

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