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2021 California Governor Recall: Resources

ALL Californians, regardless of political party or beliefs, must unite to stop the unnecessary recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. Our health, safety, and economic security depend on it.

With courage, we can say “No” to a recall and “Yes” to progress!

Below are resources to help prepare all Californians for the September 14 recall.

Download Courage California Recall Explainer

The California Recall Explainer download includes:

  • What a recall is
  • Who is funding the recall
  • Why a recall is happening now
  • Who is running to replace Governor Newsom
  • What is at stake with the recall of Governor Newsom
  • How to get involved
  • And more…

Download Courage California Recall Poster

What you should know about the recall

The Majority Of Californians Support Governor Newsom

READ & SHARE: Capitol Weekly Op-Ed

Authored by Irene Kao, executive director of Courage California, and Manuel Pastor, director of the USC Equity Research Institute.

Joint Coalition Statement and Press Release

In response to the certification of signatures to qualify the gubernatorial recall for the 2021 ballot, Courage California and numerous statewide partners announced their unified opposition to the recall of the governor as a right-wing attempt to roll back decades of community-driven progress. 

Read more: Statewide leaders urge Californians to vote “No” on the recall to protect state’s progress.

Watch, Press Conference:

Statewide Leaders and Advocates Call on Californians to Vote “NO” on the September 14 Recall

Press Release: July 23, 2021 — California leaders share what is at stake for our communities, state, and nation – should the unnecessary recall of Governor Newsom succeed.

Watch, F#*k No Recall Rally!

Rally streamed on August 26, 2021 and was co-hosted by Black Women for Wellness Action Project, Chispa, Communities for a New California, Inland Empire United, and Courage California.

NO to the Recall Volunteer Opportunities

Want to do more to defeat the gubernatorial recall? If so, you’ve come to the right place! The Courage California team has gathered a list of statewide and regional opportunities for you.

Recall ballots are out now across the state, and we need to turn out voters to defeat this Gubernatorial Recall Election and keep us on track for progress. 

This recall election is not just about Governor Gavin Newsom — it’s about all of us. Our communities and our shared values of equity and justice are on the ballot, and we can’t afford to lose everything we’ve fought for in this dangerous election. If Governor Newsom is recalled, a Republican will take his place and lead the state. Twenty-four of the 45 candidates running to replace Gov. Newsom are Republican, and polls show Republican talk show host Larry Elder consistently leading the field with voters. The same polls and our own statewide youth poll also show that there are a lot of voters who are undecided about voting in the recall election and uncertain on how they will vote on their ballots. 

We need as many volunteers as possible to inform all Californians that a NO on the recall is a yes to progress, a yes to equity and justice, and a yes to us demanding more courageous policies that protect our families and communities. ARepublican Governor will have the power to start rolling back our state’s progress as soon as this November, and we can’t let that happen. Help us make sure this vote reflects the will of ALL Californians by signing up to Get Out The Vote! No to the recall, Yes to progress. 

Voter persuasion and turnout depends on voters hearing messaging that is meaningful to them, so choose a GOTV campaign that appeals to your own issue interests. 

Courage California’s partner organizations are recruiting volunteers for Los Angeles County, Orange County, and many other statewide and regional canvassing, phone and text banking opportunities. Check out the list below to find an organization you’d like to volunteer for — and let them know that Courage sent you!

AHRI for Justice
AHRI was founded in December 2019 and exists to challenge the broken system and create new pathways for community so that no one lives in fear of deportation, and everyone has access to education, healthcare, affordable housing, and a healthy work environment. Interested in joining AHRI’s recall volunteer efforts? Reach out to:

Black Women for Wellness Action Project (BWWAP)
Black Women for Wellness is committed to the health and well-being of Black women and girls through health education, empowerment and advocacy. Interested in joining BWW’s recall volunteer efforts? Reach out to Onyenma Obiekea at

California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative
Founded in 2005, the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative is a statewide grassroots organization that addresses health, environmental, reproductive justice, and other social issues faced by its low-income, women, Vietnamese immigrant and refugee workforce. Interested in joining CA Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative’s recall volunteer efforts? Reach out to:

Environmental Health & Justice Campaign (EHJC)
EHJC empowers low-income communities of color to build power by increasing voter turnout through effective civic engagement campaigns. EHJC educates, organizes and advocates for candidates, policies and initiatives that protect public health, the environment and that promote social and environmental justice. Interested in joining EHJC’s recall volunteer efforts? Fill out their Volunteer Form and someone will be in touch.

Inland Empire United (IE United)
I.E. United is a collaboration of community agents and leaders who believe in affecting change in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. I.E. United was established in 2017 as a table with a focus on supporting, developing and electing candidates who support our community agenda, and brings together inter-sectional movements of our partners in one collective vision for our region. Interested in joining IE United recall volunteer efforts? Fill out their Volunteer Recall Phone Banking form and someone will be in touch.

Take Action: Sign!

Add your name to those of tens of thousands of other Californians who are saying YES to progress and NO to an expensive and unnecessary recall election.