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Republican ads, tweets charge Democrats are soft on crime. Will voters respond?

David Lightman | The Sacramento Bee | Nov. 2, 2022

The Kiley campaign cited as evidence for its statement that Jones is “endorsed by organizations that support defunding the police, including the Progressive Voters Guide.” The campaign cited the “No to police money” icon under Jones’ name in the guide, which not every endorsed candidate has.

“He must have told them something to get that label and endorsement,” said Kiley consultant Dave Gilliard. “Not all candidates receive that specific icon.”

But Angela Chavez, spokeswoman for Courage California, which produces the guide, said the icon does not mean defunding the police. It actually signifies the candidate has pledged not to take money from law enforcement sources. Courage California does not support defunding the police. It says on its website “We know over-policing and over-incarceration doesn’t work, which is why Californians overwhelmingly support, voted for, and demand data-informed public safety solutions and criminal justice reform.”