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As Congress Finalizes Student Loan Rate Increase, Courage Campaign Urges Napolitano to Stand Up for California Students

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

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As Congress Finalizes Student Loan Rate Increase, Courage Campaign Urges Napolitano to Stand Up for California Students

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Group Urges Janet Napolitano, Incoming President of the University of California System, To Disavow Current Congressional Deal to Double Student Loan Rates

CALIFORNIA – As Congress finalizes a deal to dramatically increase student loan interest rates, a new petition from urges former Sec. Janet Napolitano, and incoming President of the University of California system, to stand up for California students by disavowing the current deal and endorsing real student loan reform. 


A vote could happen as early as today on a bill supported by the Obama Administration and key Senate Democrats that would hold student loan rates steady for one year, before hiking them by tying them to market rates. Under this deal, student loan interest rates would climb as high as 8.25% for undergrads, while graduate students could pay rates as high as 9.5% and parents taking out PLUS loans could pay up to 10.5%. Making matters worse for students, the Obama Administration has indicated a willingness to consider Republican House-passed legislation that ties student loans to market rates.

“Good jobs require investments in students, not bankers. With California leading the nation in tuition increases, a 300 percent rise in costs over the last decade, it is crucial that incoming University of California President Napolitano speak out against this counter-productive rate hike, and fight to get a better deal for California students,” explained Rick Jacobs, founder and chair of the California-based  “The current deal being considered jeopardizes the long term well being of our nation’s students by making post-secondary education inaccessible for many, while locking those who do go to college into even more years of debt.  We need legislation that protects students and promotes education and entrepreneurship, not a plan that raises rates and puts students at the mercy of the market.  We urge Sec. Napolitano to begin her tenure as University System President by fighting hard for California’s students.”

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