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34,000 Sign Petition Calling On Nike To Relocate Store From Trump Tower

A new petition is calling on Nike to “reject Donald Trump’s sexism, racism and xenophobia” by choosing not to renew the lease for its Niketown New York flagship store in Trump Tower on 57th Street.

The petition, which launched in March, is posted on the Courage Campaign website and explains that the space Nike leases is valued at $200 million and will expire in 2017.

“Earlier this year, Nike immediately dropped [boxer] Manny Pacquiao for his abhorrent remarks on same-sex couples,” said Laura Leavitt, campaign manager for the Courage Campaign. “It cut ties with [tennis player] Maria Sharapova right away after she announced that she failed a drug test. But when Trump mocks a disabled reporter, makes sexist, racist and xenophobic comments, and encourages violence at political events — Nike does nothing.”